About Us


Arresting Love Ministries (ALM) is a non-denominational, Christian outreach ministry that supports and encourages the wives of active, retired and fallen law enforcement officers through support groups, prayer groups, workshops, retreats, conferences and communal activities. Since its inception in 2010, the ALM goal is to help churches, police departments, and law enforcement agencies with their Employee and Family Assistance Programs (EFAP). We specialize in helping wives of Police Officers, Sheriff /Deputies, Federal Law Enforcement Officers, and Corrections Officers find and implement faith-based solutions for unique challenges that these marriages face.

Responding with a biblical world-view is an approach that we believe will enhance marriages; help to lower the rising divorce rate among the police and law enforcement community and builder stronger families and communities.

The ALM team is growing in cities across the United States and Internationally. If you are interested in starting an Arresting Love Ministries (ALM) Chapters in your area please let us know!